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implement IT security and compliance at an enterprise level.

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Meet Our Founder, Torrence

Visionary. InfoSec Consultant. Catalyst.

Cybersecurity should be less complex. I've always had this in the back of my mind as I used automation and emerging technologies to help our customers protect their data and information systems by:

  1. 1. Assessing systems, networks and processes for vulnerabilities
  2. 2. Implementing proactive and compliant security architecture aligned with business goals
  3. 3. Conducting audits based on industry and regulatory compliance



One Vision. One Mission.

My vision is to make IT security less complex. My mission is to help our customers protect their information and secure their dreams. This is done using the foundational principles of data and information protection.


How Can We Help You?

Here are two ways we can help you.

You need help securing your infrastructure, data and operations.

Consulting designed to help you achieve enterprise-level IT security, without the costly and time consuming headache.

You need help transitioning
to a career in

A 5-week bootcamp designed to help you unlock your full potential and open doors to a promising career in Cybersecurity.

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